One of the key points parents look for in a church nursery is a security system of some kind. This is for various reasons. One of the reasons is for the safety of their children should something happen. The other is to know that the church nursery workers are being monitored throughout the day. If you are a church coordinator, pastor, or on the nursery board and you are thinking of having a church nursery security system installed, you may want to consider the options that certain home security systems may offer.

Smartphone Connection

One of the leading benefits to modern home security systems that your church nursery could benefit from is the ability to have the system connected to smartphone technology. What this connection allows is the ability for anyone with the password to access the camera feed to the nursery or the cameras in the various nursery rooms. This gives parents peace of mind and the ability to look in on their young one while they are in church service or away if the church runs a weekday day care. It also allows administrative staff in the church to view what is going on if there has been a complaint.


When you know that you need a password to view the cameras, it may be a good and bad point for you as a parent or member of the church administrative board. Keep in mind, this isn't the only home security or security camera measure that is in place. You can have the system setup on a CCTV base. This means that it is closed circuit and someone outside of the building would not be able to access it by hacking into the wireless system or other method. If you are going to move forward with this type of church or home security system for your church nursery, then having CCTV can give both you and your church families peace of mind for security.

Code Entry

One of the other aspects you can take from traditional home security systems and apply to church nursery security systems is code entry. You can have your security technician set up code entries for each nursery room. This keeps the nursery rooms secure if there is a dangerous situation from outside that could harm the kids. You can have the code setup for each room and only the teachers and the administrative staff have those codes. This adds an additional layer of security for many parents and church officials.

If you are trying to decide what type of home security system you want to transform to your church system, or if another security system would be best, consult with your local security company. They can give you options and give you a price estimate as well.