When you think about home health care and your family member, you are likely focused on the health care aspects of the option. You want to make sure they have a nurse or caregiver that meets your expectations and has a background in caregiving. Sometimes this option may not be affordable if you use a service. This can lead to hiring an in-home caregiver on your own. That means you likely want to think of security of your home and your family member when you aren't home. Here are some security system options that may be useful for your caregiver monitoring needs.

Hidden Nanny Cameras

You may not think that something like a hidden nanny cam would work, but they can offer just the right amount of security for your needs. These cameras can be purchased and installed by a security company and either hidden in the house, or in a device in the room. Some of the cameras are even cleverly disguised as alarm clocks, paintings, or even as part of a TV. The camera records can broadcast to your phone or to your computer through a secure website. You can also have them set to store recordings. If there is an issue, some of the system allow you to notify police immediately and save the feed for the police.

Motion Security Systems

Just like motion security systems can be used outside of the home to detect and record when someone enters your property, the same system idea can be used inside as well. For example, if your family member is bedridden and in home health, all of the care would occur within their bed area. You can have security systems set up to record only when someone enters the room and stop recording when they exit.

This gives you specific security recordings for that room and allows you to monitor at certain times of the day when you know someone should be in there. This is especially useful if you feel your loved one is not being fed or given medications at specific times. Simply login to the live feed of the security system via your phone or computer at the specified time. You can clearly see if someone enters the room and have proof if they do not.

Customized Security Systems

If you have very specific needs for home security monitoring where the home health care is concerned, you can have a customized security system created. This system can have live feeds for your phone and computer, floor cameras, motion sensor cameras, cloud storage for recorded content, and can allow you to contact the police when a problem does arise. For example, if you check into the stream and see abuse happening, you can immediately contact the authorities through the security system to get them there as quickly as possible. You can even have panic alert systems set up for your loved ones to use in cases of emergency.

These are only three options. If you feel that you need a home security system, or alterations to your current system, put in place for your home health bound loved one then contact your security system representative for a consultation.