Security screens are very common these days and are a trusted means to keep homes safer all across the country. They provide privacy, vandal-protection, protection against forced entry, and a high level of crime deterrence. As you well know, keeping a home safe is a never-ending endeavour. For these reasons, here are some great ideas of complementary security systems that you can couple with your security screens to make your home even more secure.

  • Protective glass films

Protective glass films are simple and affordable security additions that anyone can use to complement the security of their doors and windows with great success. Made of plastic, these films are attached over the glazing on windows and doors. By doing so, the films prevent the glass from shattering upon impact. As a result, the glazing on your doors or windows remains in place and is able to take a lot of impact during an attempted break-in. Protective glass films go well with security screens because they offer shatter protection and added strength to your doors and windows while the screens offer deterrence and prevent physical impact.

  • Alarm systems

Alarm systems are another security feature that you can use together with your security screens with great success. Alarm systems secure your home from unwanted entry via door sensors, window sensors and movement sensors throughout the house. They may also have sensors to detect carbon monoxide, flooding, smoke or fire. The two systems are good together because while security screens are able to prevent entry through your doors or windows, the alarm system detects any signs of a break-in and alerts you or the monitoring service remotely.

  • Automated garage doors and gates

Another great security feature that can work well with your security screens is automation of gates or garage doors. Automation here refers to fitting your doors with a powered motor that allows your gate or garage door to be opened using remote keys or keypads. This eliminates the use of keys and locks, thus making your home safer. Together with security screens, these two systems can go a long way in preventing criminals from gaining access into your home.

Note that the reverse also works well in regards to complementing your home security. That is, if you have installed automated doors, alarm systems or protective glass films in your home, you can go a step further and install security screens to make your property even safer.